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Eco Lite Spray Pitch Line Marker

Eco Lite Spray Pitch Line Marker

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The Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker is at the pinnacle of line marking in terms of appearance, usage, and costings. Combining both the style and engineering from the Eco Club & Eco Pro, along with a new-styled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body instead of a steel chassis.

It also comes with a 25 Litre Drop In Tank Assembly for users who need to mark more than one pitch.

The Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker is designed by groundsmen, for groundsmen, so is straightforward to use and easy to maintain for all users.

The newly engineered plastic chassis is a real game changer, reducing costs dramatically, whilst maintaining the sturdiness that’s synonymous with the Pitchmark brand. During testing, groundsmen were surprised with just how robust & burly the machine felt in-hand.

The Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker also boasts a 3-stage filtration system combined with a high-pressure pump for perfect results time after time & pitch after pitch.

For best line marking results, we recommend:

  • Handles are set at the correct height so that they are easy to push around the court or pitch
  • The machine is properly cleaned after every use. See our cleaning video here
  • The nozzle is set to the correct height. See our nozzle height video here
  • The line width is set correctly for your chosen sport
  • The Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker is a battery-powered spray line marker that applies paint via a pump through a sprayhead nozzle
  • Designed for use on professional natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches
  • 100mm line width
  • Body holds 1 x 10L or 2 x 5L containers, plus space for aerosol can
  • The Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker comes with a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be registered online
  • Eco Lite Pitch Line Marker is meticulously crafted by hand by Pitchmark headquarters located in Bristol, UK
  • 12v 9ah SLA battery allows the user to mark up to 6 football pitches from one charge
  • Solid puncture-proof wheels offer consistently smooth operation for any grass surface
  • Quick access charging point - hassle free after a long day marking
  • Premium quality zinc coated parts for longer life eliminating rusting
  • 3-stage filtration process to eliminate nozzle blockages
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