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Eco Pro Spray Pitch Line Marker

Eco Pro Spray Pitch Line Marker

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Eco Pro Spray Pitch Line Marker is perfect where multiple pitches need to be marked. Like all Pitchmark machines it comes with a proven string chassis and components to achieve a fantastic lines. It is meticulously crafted by hand by Pitchmark headquarters located in Bristol, UK.

For best line marking results, the Eco Pro Spray Pitch Line Marker: 

  • The machine is properly cleaned after every use. See our cleaning video here
  • The nozzle is set to the correct height. See our nozzle height video here
  • What makes it so good?
  • Premium quality zinc coated parts for longer life eliminating rusting.
  • 12v 14ah SLA battery allows the user to mark up to 18 football pitches from one charge.
  • Robust chassis offering excellent stability.
  • 3-stage filtration process to eliminate nozzle blockages.
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