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Battery Charger 2.3ah

Battery Charger 2.3ah

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The charger is capable of fully recharging the 12v 9ah battery in approximately 3 hours and the 12v 15ah battery in approximately 5 hours. Additionally, it is suitable for most sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries up to 18ah, making it a versatile charging solution for a range of battery-powered equipment.

This 2.3ah battery charger is the perfect accessory for recharging the 12v 9ah and 12v 15ah batteries used in our Eco Club and Eco Pro spray line markers. The charger features a two-stage charging process and is supplied with UK and EU plugs, crocodile clips, and an XLR cable for quick-access charging on Pitchmark spray marking machines. 

  • Two-stage charger with UK and EU plugs
  • Crocodile clips and XLR cable included for quick-access charging
  • Fully recharges 12v 9ah battery in approx. 3 hours, and 12v 14ah battery in approx. 5 hours
  • Compatible with most SLA batteries up to 18ah
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