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Geared Reel

Geared Reel

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The Fenceman Geared Fencing Reel is a high quality reel with a specially designed geared system that works at a 3:1 ratio. This ratio means that one turn of the handle is equal to three turns of the reel which makes less work for you.

The Fenceman Geared Fencing Reel is designed with a gear ratio system that is made with nylon bushes to reduce wear. The fencing reel is made from strong yet lightweight materials, this ensures that the Fenceman Geared Fencing Reel is not only durable and hard wearing but it is also easy to carry. The Reel features a friction brake to prevent drum over run and a ratchet lock. For your convenience the Fenceman Geared Fencing Reel also features a carrying handle with a tie off loop.

800m capacity

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